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Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

Energy Management


Japan has some of the most expensive electricity costs in the world.  Our Centrica Energy Insights solutions have been deployed in over 30 countries to help reduce energy costs by visualizing energy in real-time and to manage overall consumption (electricity, gas, heat, water) across manufacturing, industrial and commercial facilities and buildings.

These easy-to-deploy self-powered, wireless, and non-intrusive sensors can be easily attached to electrical wires and send real-time data to a cloud-based platform, PowerRadar™️ for detailed analysis and reporting. Outcomes include lowered electricity costs, improved operational efficiencies, and overall lowered carbon dioxide emissions. 


This solution helps Japanese corporations to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions, as the more they know about their energy consumption, the better they can manage it and comply with global and domestic net zero carbon targets.

About Centrica Business Solutions

Energy Efficiency solutions from Centrica Business Solutions help you define a long-term energy management strategy by engaging in a detailed energy efficiency audit across your entire estate to identify inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement. Implementing a strategy that includes everything from equipment and installation to scheduling, funding and ongoing maintenance.

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