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SingleStore Case Studies

Welcome to the SingleStore Case Studies page, where you can dive into the success stories of industry giants who leveraged SingleStore's unparalleled data management capabilities. With a commitment to delivering real-time analytics and scalability, SingleStore has become a go-to solution for organizations aiming to transform their operations to run at the speed of modern business.

These case studies offer an inside look at how SingleStore's powerful database solutions have driven innovation and efficiency across diverse sectors:

Case Study 5: Dell Transforms its PRISM Inventory System with SingleStore to Run at the Speed of Business
Learn how Dell harnessed SingleStore to revolutionize its PRISM Inventory System, enabling real-time insights and responses that align with today's fast-paced business landscape.

Company: Dell Technologies
Industry: Technology, Manufacturing

Source: Legacy inventory and ERP system, Glovia

Target: SingleStore for modernized, real-time PRISM system
Solution Highlights:

  • Faster Reporting: Analytic reports loading within a minute.

  • Cost Savings: Reduced storage costs through data compression and combined architecture.

  • Enhanced Performance: From batch updates to real-time streaming reports.

  • Unified Global Platform: Managing various data sources with increased speed and performance.

  • Why & How: Dell needed to modernize its outdated PRISM system within a year, seeking real-time streaming and reduced storage costs. By deploying SingleStoreDB and implementing a 20-node SingleStore cluster, Dell achieved faster reporting, massive cost savings, and transformed its inventory and ERP systems to run at the speed of modern business.

Case Study 6: Siemens Pulse Analytics: Transforming Complexity into Operational Excellence with SingleStore
Discover how Siemens utilized SingleStore's Pulse Analytics to simplify complexity, leading to enhanced operational excellence and more informed decision-making.

Company: Siemens
Industry: Technology, Manufacturing

Source: Existing limitations with MySQL and PostgreSQL, slowing down dashboards

Target: SingleStore for scalable real-time analytics
Solution Highlights:

  • Speed Improvements: 10-100X speed gains enabling real-time dashboards.

  • Cost Savings: Significant cost improvements with shared AWS S3 data.

  • Real-Time Data Processing: Instant text translation and machine learning functions.

  • Elastic Scalability: Handling massive spikes in users, up to 100,000 concurrent users.

  • Why & How: Facing growing data volumes and existing database limitations, Siemens sought a solution that could deliver real-time analytics and manage vast data. By implementing SingleStore and combining it with Kubernetes and AWS, Siemens transformed its Pulse Analytics system, enabling faster dashboards, significant cost savings, and real-time insights.

Case Study 7: GE’s Transformation with SingleStore
Explore how General Electric (GE) embarked on a transformative journey with SingleStore, leveraging the platform's robust capabilities to optimize data management and analytics.

Company: General Electric (GE)
Industry: Industrial Conglomerate

Source: Complex Data Infrastructure with Hadoop and Apache Spark

Target: SingleStore for real-time analytics and unified transactions
Solution Highlights:

  • Simplified Data Ecosystem: 80% resolution of data platform challenges.

  • Eliminated Manual Tasks: Automation of reconciliation process, 40X savings.

  • Consistent and Faster System: Improved system consistency and cost efficiency.

  • Empowering Business Users: AI/ML capabilities for self-service access.

  • Why & How: GE needed to simplify its sprawling data ecosystem, manage enormous scale, and provide real-time analytics. By selecting SingleStore for its unified transactions and analytics capabilities, GE resolved major data challenges, empowered users, and reaped remarkable savings. The collaboration with SingleStore demonstrates how strategic technology adoption can enhance efficiency and competitiveness across diverse industries.


Case Study 8: SingleStore Powers Real-Time Analytics at Uber
Read about how Uber integrated SingleStore to power real-time analytics, supporting rapid growth and delivering instant insights that enhance rider and driver experiences.

Company: Uber Technologies
Industry: Transportation, Technology

Source: Legacy analytics systems with latency issues

Target: SingleStore for real-time analytics and geospatial support
Solution Highlights:

  • Fast and Reliable Analytics: Consistent response times in fractions of a second.

  • Cost-Efficient: Reduced storage costs through columnstore and data compression.

  • Enhanced Geospatial Analysis: Detailed geospatial insights for global operations.

  • Low Latency Ad Hoc Exploration: Supported ingestion beyond requirements.

  • Geospatial Support: Handling that is key for Uber's operations.

  • Why & How: Uber Technologies required a solution to enhance real-time analytics and geospatial support, mitigate existing latency issues, and reduce storage costs. By implementing SingleStore as a core solution for Apollo and leveraging its features for low-latency responses, geospatial filtering, and other critical functions, Uber was able to achieve consistent, sub-second response times, significant reductions in storage costs, and detailed geospatial insights for its global operations. The collaboration with SingleStore illustrates how robust database solutions can greatly augment the agility and efficacy of a global technology company like Uber.


SingleStore's dedication to high performance, scalability, and real-time processing is showcased in these case studies, highlighting its versatility in empowering industry leaders to innovate and thrive.

Feel free to delve into these individual case studies to understand the transformative impact SingleStore's solutions have had on companies like Dell, Siemens, GE, and Uber, or contact us to explore how SingleStore can be tailored to meet your organization's unique data needs and aspirations.


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