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Technology Solutions

Welcome to our Technology Solutions page. Our suite of pioneering, bespoke solutions is designed to revolutionize your operations, elevate productivity, and provide a competitive edge. Our offerings span from dependable database replication to groundbreaking AI/ML applications and versatile hybrid data storage solutions:


  • Database Replication: Experience simplicity with our real-time, enterprise-grade Database Replication solutions. Designed for infinite scalability, these solutions offer zero-impact, low-latency data replication with guaranteed consistency. Enhance your operations without needing extensive technical expertise.

  • Unified Data Engine: Experience the power of real-time operations with our Unified Data Engine. The platform is designed for both transactional and analytical workloads, enabling rapid, real-time analytics and applications. This distributed SQL system ensures smooth and efficient operations across diverse business needs.


  • AI/ML Applications: Harness the power of generative AI swiftly and seamlessly through our AI/ML Application solution. This system enables developers to conveniently incorporate machine learning into applications, connecting any data source with any AI framework within a single platform. Moreover, it simplifies complex AI models such as Generative AI and LLMs by presenting them as virtual tables (AI-Tables) on top of enterprise databases. This enhances accessibility, empowers development teams to leverage their current skills, and facilitates the creation of AI-powered applications.


  • Visual Analytics: Provides a fully customizable, low-code dashboard and data visualization platform designed explicitly for software teams. Easily transform data from existing sources into vivid visualizations that integrate seamlessly into your application. The platform leverages a microservices architecture for enhanced agility and modern data connectivity. It promotes personalized self-service and affords you absolute control and customization.


  • Hybrid Data Storage: Offers an advanced data center, decentralized, cloud-based storage system designed to secure your data. Benefit from reliable storage featuring low cost storage options, data privacy and encryption, enhanced speed for file transfers, and a hassle-free migration experience. This solution is constructed with advanced cryptographic methods to shield your files from data breaches, censorship, and malware. Enjoy heightened security, availability, and efficiency through data fragmentation and redundancy across a multitude of global data centers.

  • AIOps Management: Enhance your IT operations with our AI-powered AIOps Management solution, offering multi-layer visibility and optimization for Kubernetes and VM platforms. By leveraging continuous AI-driven workload predictions on Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, and On-premise environments, our solution empowers you with improved resource utilization and significant cost reduction.


  • Attack Surface ManagementAddresses the significant challenge organizations face when connecting an increasing number of devices to their networks – achieving clear visibility into associated risks and vulnerabilities. By breaking down the 'black box' mystery of network, security, IoT, and Operational Technology (OT) devices, it provides detailed data like model and software versions, significantly reducing security risks. The platform serves as the industry’s first universal repository for all device security data, enabling companies to assess both current and potential future risks associated with their deployed and incoming devices.

Explore these technology solutions to drive your business to new heights. Get in touch with us today to see how we can tailor these solutions to your unique business needs.


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