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Healthcare Diagnostics

With the rapid advancements in big data analysis and the progression of AI and machine learning (ML), healthcare is experiencing a transformative shift, particularly in the realm of epigenetics. Epigenetics involves changes in organisms caused by the modification of gene expression, not alterations to the genetic code itself.


Japan, being a global leader in technology, is in an advantageous position to integrate these technologies into its healthcare system, thereby enabling personalized medicine, preventative care, and improved patient outcomes. Japan's rapidly aging population presents a significant challenge to its healthcare sector, facing a growing demand for medical care and a spike in chronic diseases. To compound this, the healthcare system is tasked with deciphering vast and complex epigenetic data, an endeavor beyond the reach of traditional analytical methods.

The integration of AI and ML technologies into Japan's healthcare system promises a revolutionary change in how epigenetic data is interpreted and utilized for patient care. Here's how:

  • Decelerating Biological Aging: Accelerated biological aging, a leading predictor of chronic disease, can be slowed, halted, or even reversed through lifestyle and medical interventions. We equip you with insights to track and modify your pace of aging, empowering you to direct your wellness journey.

  • Advanced Epigenetic Data Analysis: Our organization is home to the world's largest private epigenetic database, propelling DNA methylation-based research and discovery. We leverage data and AI to create cutting-edge methylation diagnostic tools.

  • Translating Epigenetic Data into Actionable Insights: Collaborating with leading biotech developers, researchers, and prestigious academic institutions, we translate epigenetic data into actionable insights, moving from raw data to practical applications.

  • Evidence-Based, Science-First Approach: We adhere to the highest scientific standards, employing only evidence-based, rigorously-tested methods, positioning us as a trusted source of epigenetic information in the scientific community.

  • Improving Human Lifespan and Quality: By arming physicians and patients with novel biological insights, we enable informed decisions about lifestyle and medical interventions, enhancing lifespan and quality of life.

  • Collaborative Clinical Trials: Our collaboration with esteemed universities in 30+ ongoing clinical trials underlines our commitment to pioneering research, helping to unravel valuable insights from epigenetic data.

Through our Healthcare Diagnostics Use Case, we offer the promise of a healthier, longer life, empowering individuals to take control of their biological aging process with the advice of their physician, nurse, healthcare provider or nutritionalist.  Contact us today to learn more about this revoluationary change in preventative diagnostics.



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