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Unified Data Engine

The business world today demands intelligent and swift operations. Our Universal Data Engine gives you a competitive edge, allowing your business to deliver value at high speed by Unifying Your Data for Real-Time Performance. Seamlessly integrates with our Database Replication solution.

Our Universal Data Engine handles both transactions and analytics, making it effortless to deal with structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data. Be it streaming or historical data, we unify everything through a single, intuitive interface, making accurate and timely insights accessible to all stakeholders and for every workload.

This solution provides a vibrant business intelligence ecosystem that empowers you to develop innovative products and services. It facilitates real-time analytics, machine learning, and AI, breaking down data silos that hinder innovation.

As the pace of business accelerates, our Universal Data Engine ensures you stay ahead of the curve. It is not just about defining the future, it is about delivering value in the present.

Core Features

  • Eliminate Database Sprawl: Migrate from outdated data architectures to a unified data engine that efficiently manages multiple, concurrent massive workloads.

  • Accelerate Data-Intensive Applications at Scale: Our high-speed modern database infrastructure enhances your applications by processing any data, anywhere, at any scale.

  • Scale and Power Modern Apps with Cloud Flexibility: Overcome SQL limitations and data bottlenecks while improving performance with our cloud-native operational database designed for speed and scalability.

  • Deliver Real-Time, Ultra-Fast Analytics: Our cloud-native, massively scalable database architecture provides rapid data ingestion and query performance, enabling ultra-fast analytics on any data, anywhere.


Diverse Use Cases

  • Operational Analytics: Power analytics at scale.

  • Secure Government Workloads: Our security protocols are built for the intelligence community.

  • Machine Learning and AI: Accelerate ML applications performance.

  • Monitoring and Detection: Efficiently monitor events and detect anomalies.

  • Modernizing Data Platforms: Enhance the user experience through personalization and recommendations.

  • Customer 360: Ingest, store, and analyze customer interactions.

  • IoT Analytics: A sensor in it - A database behind it.

  • Dashboard Acceleration: Deliver fast dashboards at scale.

  • Risk Management: Clear visibility for risk management.

  • OEM Partnerships: Embed & bundle our Unified Data Engine into your service.

Industry Solutions

  • Financial Services: Move as quickly as financial markets.

  • High Technology: Target customers and optimize operations.

  • Media Communications: Gain insights on users in real time.

  • Government and Public Sector: Respond with accuracy and speed.

  • Energy and Utilities: Enable fast and flexible data processing.

  • Retail and eCommerce: Reach every shopper in real time.


  • Analytics for OLTP: Real-time change data capture.

  • Analytics for Data Lake: Accelerate analytics for data lakes and Hadoop.

Our Universal Data Engine is trusted by the world's most innovative companies in sectors ranging from finance to media and gaming. Experience the power of real-time operations with the Universal Data Engine. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business's journey towards accelerated success.


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