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AIOps Management

Enhance your IT operations with our AI-powered AIOps Management solution, offering multi-layer visibility and optimization for Kubernetes and VM platforms. By leveraging continuous AI-driven workload predictions on Multi-private and public cloud and On-premise environments, our solution empowers you with improved resource utilization and significant cost reduction.


Key benefits include application-aware resource orchestration, enhanced performance and resilience through efficient resource allocation based on our patented full-stack correlation analysis, and policy-compliant automation.


Our solution provides precise interpretation of operational metadata and prescriptive recommendations for well-fitted resources. The optimization of VM resources is achieved through real-time visibility and accurate provisioning. Further, it promotes enhanced infrastructure utilization and optimized TCO of on-premises components through AI-powered accurate capacity projections. Experience IT operations transformation with our AI-integrated management solution.

Intelligent AIOps Management

In today's increasingly intricate multi-cloud ecosystems, managing and optimizing IT operations can be a formidable challenge. At StrategyCore, we present AIOps solutions that leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to drastically streamline IT operations running on Kubernetes or VM by up to 80%, and to guarantee application performance and resilience through agile resource adjustments.

  • Unified Data View: We offer a unified view of data that encompasses multiple clouds and on-premises environments, providing a holistic perspective of your IT landscape.

  • AI-Driven Backup and Disaster Recovery: Through the smart use of AI and predictive analytics, we ensure intelligent backup and disaster recovery, effectively safeguarding your critical data and business continuity.

  • Cost Optimization: Our solutions optimize simulated costs both prior to and after deployment, allowing for maximum utilization of IT budgets.

  • Predictive Analysis and Recommendations: We provide accurate predictions and recommendations tailored to different applications, ensuring optimal IT performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Centralized Management Console: We offer a single-pane-of-glass management console for Kubernetes environments, simplifying management and ensuring seamless operation.

  • AI-Powered Resource Adjustments: Our automated resource adjustments, driven by an AI-powered recommendation engine, ensure optimal resource utilization and performance.

  • Integrations with Monitoring Services and Application Accelerators: We provide integrations with monitoring services like Prometheus and application accelerators like Kafka, boosting operational efficiency and application performance.

At StrategyCore, our mission is to provide top-tier AIOps solutions to streamline your IT operations and amplify your business potential. Contact us today to discover more about our AIOps services and how we can support you in reaching your IT aspirations.



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