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Digital Transformation (DX)

Embrace the future with our end-to-end full-suite Digital Transformation (DX) platform. We provide a comprehensive range of software products and services designed to redefine how your business operates in a digitally connected world. From enhancing business efficiency to driving customer engagement, our innovative solutions help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital era.

  • Database Replication: Streamline your data management with our advanced database replication solution. Achieve real-time consistency, guarantee high availability, and handle infinite scalability without the technical complexity. Transform your business data into a valuable strategic resource.

  • Unified Data Engine: Accelerate your decision-making process with our unified data engine. It handles transactional and analytical workloads in real-time, breaking down data silos and powering rapid, accurate insights. Our solution is perfect for developing fast, modern enterprise applications that demand low-latency access to large datasets.

  • AI / ML Applications: Leverage the power of AI and machine learning with our sophisticated AI/ML applications. Integrate machine learning into your operations, enabling your team to make data-driven decisions and predictions. Take advantage of generative AI on your existing data, enhancing accessibility within your organization and promoting innovation.

  • Visual Analytics: Make your data more understandable and actionable with our visual analytics solution. Create customizable, low-code dashboards and data visualizations, embedding them seamlessly into your applications. Transform your data into a tool for strategic decision-making and business growth.

  • Hybrid Data Storage: Ensure the security and availability of your data with our hybrid data storage solution. Experience reliable, secure, and decentralized cloud-based data storage that simplifies GDPR compliance, protects against data breaches, and enables faster file transfers.

  • AIOps Management: Optimize your IT operations with our AI-powered AIOps Management. Our solution integrates with the tools and platforms you use, providing multi-layer visibility and optimization, enhancing performance, and improving resource utilization. Turn IT operations into a strategic asset for your digital transformation journey.

Harness the power of our Digital Transformation (DX) platform and take your business to the next level. Let's partner in your digital transformation journey and pave the way for a prosperous digital future.


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Outside Japan: +81-3-6869-9951

Within Japan: 03-6869-9951


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