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Modern Data Stack

Welcome to StrategyCore's Modern Data Stack (MDS), a pioneering approach to data management and operations that offers an unparalleled competitive edge. Comprising six essential solutions, our MDS provides a cohesive ecosystem for all your data needs.


  • Database Replication: At the core of our MDS is our enterprise-grade Database Replication solution. It delivers real-time, low-latency data replication with infinite scalability and guaranteed consistency, enabling a robust foundation for your data infrastructure.

  • Unified Data Engine: Building upon the replication layer, our Unified Data Engine ensures seamless real-time analytics and applications. It's designed to handle both transactional and analytical workloads, bridging the gap between diverse business needs.

  • AI/ML Applications: To infuse intelligence into your data stack, our AI/ML Applications solution provides an effortless way to integrate machine learning and generative AI into your existing applications, making AI-powered development accessible and convenient.

  • Visual Analytics: Our Visual Analytics platform adds the dimension of vivid data visualization to the MDS. It provides a fully customizable dashboard to transform raw data into interactive visuals, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Hybrid Data Storage: Safeguarding your data is our Hybrid Data Storage solution, which offers a decentralized, cloud-based storage system. Its advanced cryptographic methods ensure secure, reliable storage with enhanced file transfer speed and low-cost options.

  • AIOps Management: Rounding off the MDS is our AI-powered AIOps Management solution, which offers multi-layer visibility and optimization for various platforms. It leverages AI-driven predictions to enable improved resource utilization and cost efficiency across different environments.

Why Choose StrategyCore's MDS?

  • On-Premise, Hybrid, or Cloud-Native Design: Highly scalable and flexible to meet evolving needs.

  • Integrated Ecosystem: Seamless integration of native connectors between different data sources and solution tools.

  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for the resources you need.

  • Secure: Advanced encryption and fragmentation ensure utmost data security.

  • Start Small: Choose low risk project to focus on, then scale your data growth over time.


StrategyCore's Modern Data Stack (MDS) is a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective approach to data management. With six specialized components working in harmony, it ensures robust data handling, insightful analytics, secure storage, and intelligent operations. Explore the potential of our MDS to elevate your productivity and gain a competitive advantage in the data-driven world.

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