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Energy Monitoring

Our Energy Monitoring solutions empower businesses with real-time insights to manage energy consumption holistically, reduce expenses, and enhance operational efficiency. With the ever-increasing importance of operational efficiency and cost reduction, understanding and proactively managing energy usage is critical.

  • End-to-End Energy Visualization: We provide unprecedented visibility into your entire energy portfolio, down to the device level. Greater awareness of your energy usage enables more efficient management and informed decisions.

  • Real-time Energy Intelligence: Enhance your business performance by harnessing actionable, real-time energy data from your devices and integrated utility meters (electricity, water, gas, etc.).

  • Holistic Consumption Management: Our solutions enable you to manage energy consumption effectively, reducing power waste and improving operational efficiency.

  • Cost and Downtime Reduction: Lower your energy costs by identifying inefficiencies and waste proactively. Our predictive analytics and sophisticated alerts also reduce the risk of equipment failure and expensive downtime.

  • Integrated Monitoring: Integrate 3rd party utility meters such as gas, heat, water, and air flow for a comprehensive view of your energy usage.

  • Comprehensive Energy Strategy: With our real-time, device-level monitoring, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire energy estate. This knowledge drives the creation and execution of a robust energy strategy.

Take control of your energy management with our Energy Monitoring solutions, driving operational efficiency and making a tangible difference to your bottom line.


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Outside Japan: +81-3-6869-9951

Within Japan: 03-6869-9951


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