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Attack Surface Management

Navigate the cybersecurity landscape confidently with our Attack Surface Management solution. We deliver comprehensive, real-time security insights and recommendations, allowing you to preemptively safeguard your devices and systems.  Key devices which are protected are IoT devices, Operational Technology (OT) devices, and Network devices.  The core attributes include:

  • Pre-Purchase Threat Detection: Evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities before deploying devices, ensuring a secure foundation.

  • Predictive Analysis: Proactively identify known vulnerabilities and anticipate potential zero-day threats to enhance your cybersecurity preparedness.

  • Proactive Decision Support: Get robust, data-driven insights to guide your decision-making process and prioritize resources effectively.

  • Agentless Operation: With no need for installation, our Attack Surface Management seamlessly integrates with your network, ensuring unobtrusive operation.

  • Granular Risk Identification: Benefit from in-depth firmware and software risk analysis, providing a detailed overview of potential vulnerabilities.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Gain a holistic understanding of your cybersecurity posture with device, site, and organization-level analysis.

How It Works

Leveraging proprietary technology, our Attack Surface Management solution delivers a streamlined approach to secure your connected devices:

  • Analyze: Identify vulnerabilities and calculate attack surface scores and risk metrics for every connected device on your network.

  • Calculate: Uncover device and network risks and visualize the entire attack surface posture in a context specific to your organization.

  • Mitigate: Receive clear, actionable insights, including recommended software updates and patches, to strengthen your cybersecurity measures.

  • Control: Prioritize responses based on the business context, risk, and impact at the organization, site, or device level. Monitor the effect of your actions to ensure effective mitigation.

By giving you a clear view of your attack surface and actionable insights to bolster security, our Device Cybersecurity solution equips you to effectively manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks.


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