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Vertical Industry Case Studies

Welcome to the Arcion Case Studies page, where you can explore firsthand how Arcion's cutting-edge technology is redefining the standards of database migration and data management. With a steadfast commitment to delivering zero downtime and robust security, Arcion has made a mark in empowering organizations to transition to modern computing environments without disrupting their business flow.

These case studies reflect Arcion's prowess in handling complex data challenges, offering seamless solutions that range from avoiding SLA breaches to the secure migration of massive datasets:

Case Study 1: Avoiding SLA Breaches with Zero Downtime Database Migration using Arcion
Learn how Arcion enabled a large enterprise to migrate their database without any downtime, ensuring uninterrupted service and avoiding SLA breaches.

Company: SegMetrics
Industry: Data Analytics, Technology Services
Solution Highlights:

  • 75% migration time reduction

  • 110M rows migrated in under 4 minutes

  • 4TB customer-critical data transferred with minimal downtime

  • Why & How: SegMetrics needed to ensure minimal downtime during migration from DigitalOcean to SingleStore. By using Arcion, the company avoided 32 hours of downtime, successfully completing the migration with zero downtime.


Case Study 2: Securely Migrating 400M Rows from MySQL to SingleStore Using Arcion with Zero Downtime
Discover how Arcion’s innovative technology facilitated the secure migration of 400 million rows from MySQL to SingleStore, all without a moment's downtime.

Company: Publica
Industry: E-commerce, Retail
Solution Highlights:

  • 4+ weeks of engineering time saved

  • 400M rows migrated

  • 4.5K rows/second transferred on average

  • Why & How: Publica used Arcion Cloud to migrate data securely, consolidate various database technologies, and prevent downtime. The solution provided real-time sync and user-friendly GUI for efficient management.

Case Study 3: Zero Impact Data Pipelines from Mainframe Systems to a Modern Computing Environment
Explore how Arcion's solutions helped an organization create zero-impact data pipelines, transitioning from mainframe systems to a contemporary computing environment.

Company: The Second Largest Bank in the US
Industry: Banking, Finance
Solution Highlights:

  • 1M updates/day across 10 core tables

  • 100% accuracy for transactions

  • < 2 sec End-to-end latency

  • Why & How: The bank used Arcion to create real-time data pipelines for analytics offloading from Mainframes. The process had zero impact on the source and met the bank's requirements for accuracy, availability, and latency.

Case Study 4: Data Migration from Mission-Critical Oracle Exadata Clusters to a Distributed Computing Environment
Read about how Arcion assisted a client in migrating data from mission-critical Oracle Exadata clusters to a distributed computing environment, all with exceptional efficiency and security.

Company: The Second Largest Wireless Provider in the US
Industry: Telecommunications
Solution Highlights:

  • 40 databases

  • 120TB data

  • 500-1K MB/sec throughput

  • Why & How: The wireless provider used Arcion for data migration, addressing the increased demands of 4G and upcoming 5G. The process minimized impact on the source, ensuring zero data loss and downtime.

Arcion's focus on reliability, performance, and security shines through in these case studies, showcasing the wide-ranging capabilities that have made Arcion a leader in the data migration and management domain.

Feel free to delve into these individual case studies to gain insights into the transformative potential of Arcion's solutions, or contact us to explore how Arcion can tailor solutions to meet your specific data needs.

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