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Case Studies

Unleashing the Power of the Modern Data Stack

Welcome to our collection of case studies, showcasing the unparalleled synergy between SingleStoreDB, MindsDB, and Arcion across diverse industries and applications. These real-world examples illustrate how these innovative technologies are reshaping the way businesses handle data.

Diverse Industries, Unified Solutions
From medical research and ride-sharing to food production and coding collaboration, our solutions have been implemented across a multitude of sectors. The diversity of industries and use cases featured in these case studies reflects the broad applicability and robust functionality of SingleStoreDB's scalable SQL database, MindsDB's AI-powered predictive analytics, and Arcion's data migration and replication capabilities.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Proposition
The seamless integration of Arcion enhances SingleStore's proposition by providing reliable data migration and replication, demonstrating a remarkable synergy in tackling modern digital challenges.

Explore the stories below to see how our innovative solutions are driving real change across various sectors. We're excited to share with you how Arcion, SingleStore, MindsDB, Logi Composer, and ProphetStor are transforming businesses and offering new possibilities for growth, innovation, and success.

Arcion Case Studies

Case Study 1: Avoiding SLA Breaches with Zero Downtime Database Migration using Arcion

Case Study 2: Securely Migrating 400M Rows from MySQL to SingleStore Using Arcion with Zero Downtime

Case Study 3: Zero Impact Data Pipelines from Mainframe Systems to a Modern Computing Environment

Case Study 4: Data Migration from Mission-Critical Oracle Exadata Clusters to a Distributed Computing Environment

SingleStore Case Studies

Case Study 5: Dell Transforms its PRISM Inventory System with SingleStore to Run at the Speed of Business

Case Study 6: Siemens Pulse Analytics: Transforming Complexity into Operational Excellence with SingleStore

Case Study 7: GE’s Transformation with SingleStore

Case Study 8: SingleStore Powers Real-Time Analytics at Uber

MindsDB Case Studies

Case Study 9: Journey Foods' Cost Optimization with MindsDB 

Case Study 10: Rize's Customer Retention Boost with MindsDB 

Case Study 11: Domuso's Annual Savings of $500k with MindsDB

Case Study 12: Hey - Your AI-Powered Pair Programming Friend with MindsDB

Logi Composer Case Studies

Case Study 13:

Case Study 14:

Case Study 15:

Case Study 16:

ProphetStor Case Studies

Case Study 17:

Case Study 18:

Case Study 19:

Case Study 20:

Innovation and Efficiency through Collaboration.  Whether guiding predictive analytics or enabling real-time decision-making, the combined strength of SingleStore, MindsDB, and Arcion presents a compelling case for data-driven innovation and efficiency. Our case studies reveal how these synergistic solutions are revolutionizing the way organizations approach their data strategies.


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