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Japanese Gaming company signs pilot project to kick-off monitoring of Game Software downloads

Working with global vendors, StrategyCore provides best-of-breed monitoring service

Tokyo, Japan

November 4, 2011 - We are honored to announce the signing of a global Japanese gaming company with deep roots in game development and experience across all major game hardware and systems for PC, online and DVD distribution.

Together with a local partner, StrategyCore has been engaged to provide global online monitoring and assessment of digital game downloads for a famous game title, a leading seller for the client in major overseas markets including Europe and the U.S.

Key outcomes of this global project will be to assess the amount of copyright download activity for this particular title, develop appropriate strategies for protection and distribution, and then implement those strategies in order to grow global content revenue and brand awareness.


For further information, please contact:

Rob MacGregor

Managing Director

StrategyCore K.K.

Tel: +81-50-5539-9389

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