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StrategyCore enters Strategic Partnership with Global Electric Scooter and Bicycle Sharing business

StrategyCore enters Sharing Economy sector with Big Data plans

Tokyo, Japan

June 1, 2016 - StrategyCore has signed an agreement to assist a global electric scooter and bicycle sharing company to enter the Japan market. Initial focus will be to provide proof-of-concept (PoC) implementation within one market in Japan, and based on the success of that initial launch, expand the business into additional geographic sectors of Japan.

With a growing sharing economy in Japan including such brands as AirBnB, Uber and others, this partnership will have the initial support of StrategyCore key members with strong expertise and experience working in Japan's tourism, transportation, and services sectors.

The partnership shall commercialize a first generation, wireless ruggedized touchscreen dashboard with Telematics functionality for electric inner-city vehicles. Its highly specialized display enables a broad range of services for consumer, tourism or commercial use.

Overall, the goal is to develop and deploy connected end-to-end solutions for inner-city transportation vehicles, specifically geared toward Transportation as a Service (“TaaS”) and Big Data Transportation Insights. Through facilitating Zone Operators in Japan, StrategyCore will implement TaaS solutions to offer Commuter Convenience and Tourist applications to subscribers based on commuter, tourism, business-focused, unique, state-of-the-art wireless two-wheel electric sharing technology.


For further information, please contact:

Elly Ishihara

Customer Success Manager

StrategyCore K.K.

Tel: +81-50-5539-9389

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