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StrategyCore signs exclusive VAR agreement with leading IoT Energy Management Solution vendor

Solution helps enterprises lower energy, operational system costs.

Tokyo, Japan

March 1, 2015 - StrategyCore has signed an exclusive VAR (value added reseller) agreement with a global provider of IoT Energy Management solutions, covering the territory of Japan. After a lengthy assessment, StrategyCore was chosen due to its domain expertise (building intelligence and management systems) and team of sales, business development and technical personnel.

A global pioneer in energy management solutions, this IoT solution uses innovative and affordable non-invasive, wireless and self-powered circuit-level technology coupled with cloud analytics, providing our strategic partners with actionable insights into their energy usage and are able to reduce energy costs, and generate revenues while optimizing operations, processes and maintenance resources.

The Japanese market has the second largest energy industry in the world, and produces electricity at the highest consumer price compared with the rest of the world. Combined with the country’s nuclear energy situation, StrategyCore believes that advanced wireless technologies and systems (hardware and software) focused on energy efficiency and operational efficiencies will have a competitive advantage against legacy technologies.


For further information, please contact:

Elly Ishihara

Customer Success Manager

StrategyCore K.K.

Tel: +81-50-5539-9389

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