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Japan’s Largest Online Portal signs contract for End-to-End Content Protection

Monitoring, detecting, and removing infringing content found on the web, torrent, search engine, and advertising networks

Tokyo, Japan

July 15, 2013 - Having over 5,000,000 unique customer visits on a daily basis, this online entertainment portal is the largest in Japan, offering high-quality movie content including videos for streaming and downloading. Other services include the sale of DVDs, CDs, comics, games, and hobby items online, online rental of DVDs, CDs and fashion items.

In order to secure its $500M per annum DVD sales from decreasing rapidly due to internet piracy, the portal requested StrategyCore and partners to provision our end-to-end content protection service. This compiles the entire suite of anti-piracy services including web, torrent, search engine, blogs, social media, tubes, and advertising network monitoring, detection, noticing and compliance.

By focusing our efforts on both monthly new releases, and older catalogue titles, StrategyCore is able to protect the immediate sales window of the DVD in stores, and also the portal’s brands from long-term erosion and irrelevance. Increased organic portal traffic and eyeballs have indicated that our service is providing the portal with recognized commercial value.


For further information, please contact:

Elly Ishihara

Customer Success Manager

StrategyCore K.K.

Tel: +81-50-5539-9389

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